Melissa Bachochin is a published Songwriter, Producer, and Composer in the Music Industry. As a creator of music, she continues to explore and collaborate in various genres as a songwriter and in various composition landscapes. Opportunities to collaborate, assist artists and work on projects are ongoing.

Due to her commitment to lend her voice, time and hours advocating for change among many organizations on both a regional and national level, her time allocated to create is very selective.

While her passion to create music will always be an integral part of her life, Melissa has chosen to continue to bring change and awareness by focusing on personal endeavors and as well as her other production and design companies.

Melissa's philanthropic commitments include, but are not limited to, assisting organizations who provide crucial support and services that are vital to the well-being of patients and/or the families they serve such as those affected by Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse/Addictions, Childhood Cancer, CMV, MS, Autism, Epilepsy and other numerous CNS Disorders and Cancer Centers.

As the CEO and Founder of Music For Awareness, Melissa works with emerging and established Grammy nominated artists within the Music Industry and numerous non-profits. 

Melissa serves as a Collaborator, Event Coordinator, Private Consultant, Change Agent, Social Engineer along with many other titles and roles for her clients and organizations that she works with. 

Melissa believes that the Power of Music has the ability to change the world. 

Music is the answer.